The Lot (abridged)

August 26, 2007 at 3:07 am | Posted in Concert, Matthew Hurst, Video | 3 Comments

From last night@ the Lot music festival, here is the final video of the final song of the final set – the 7 Shot Screamers perform “Hey Ya”.  Yes, that song.

Although I was helping take higher quality video for the rest of the festival, I did notice a sizeable crowd that I have been informed was larger than last year’s during this second annual festival.  A couple other acts, notably Bunnygrunt and Jumbling Towers, managed to attract crowds of their own.  Well, that and fire eaters.

With a prevalance of websites taking booths alongside local culture mainstays, it wasn’t surprising to see quite a few bloggers on hand.  Shout outs must be made to Jeff, Bill, Thomas, Danny, Annie, and Michael, all of whom contributed to putting this show together in some way (or at least I saw turn up).  Sorry if I didn’t take time to say hello – I was supposed to be working.  Hope to see everybody there next year too…



  1. […] at Lucas School House. Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate! Unfortunately, I did miss The Lot on Saturday, due to a Watson family birthday party for Tom. To sum it up: Addison spoke a few words regarding […]

  2. Actually I believe that this was something like the 9th or 10th annual Lot Fest. I did an interview with a couple of the co-founders of Metropolis and The Lot for last years Lot video which can be found somewhere on the internets if you know where to look, which I don’t. I just know it’s out there somewhere.

    Oh and the 7 Shot Screamers video from the Lot is up on LO-FI now.

  3. […] The Lot festival took place in front of the Schlafly Tap Room, but in that week that started with our post of a video from the festival has ended with the posting of more videos from the music performances.  In […]

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