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We hadn’t heard from our friends @ Apop records in a little while, so when we found this message in our inbox I just knew I needed to pass it along:

As usual lots more new stuff in the store still waiting to be inventoried, so be sure to stop by to see all the latest additions. Paypal is accepted at orders@apoprecords.com or you can order off of apoprecords.com

Which is good, because we needed an excuse to make a trip down to their store anyway, and picking up an online order for an extra copy of Vienna by Ultravox fits that bill.  Fortunately Apop is still putting on shows (hence making it doubly worth a visit), so here’s a few coming up soon.  And (just this once) I helped them add their next show on Upcoming, for those of you like me who find that useful.

Read more articles about Apop.  And a feature article on WebsterBloggers.



  1. Haha, thanks, Matt!

  2. Cool, thanks for the tips. I’ll have to check this place out.

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