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August 28, 2007 at 11:14 pm | Posted in Concert, Matthew Hurst | 1 Comment

They say bad press is better than no press (see also: last week’s controversial post), but what about free press?  That’s what we’re giving to Playback:STL, who went out of press and online (when we’re not poking fun at local print, we can go online).  Although we’ve been disappointed with their web publication in the past, the homegrown publisher is promising to make good on it’s roots by organizing a local music showcase of their own this fall; Play:STL.  You could call it a comeback tour.

And from the look of things, it might be there redemption.  Now expanded (from 2 days) this three-day festival, which takes place September 21-23rd 2007 across the The Loop and between at least 90 bands we know of, might remind you of the RFT music showcase earlier this summer.  It’s when you look through show list, you realize playback has not limited themselves to the local acts (which need support nonetheless), but instead includes interesting acts from all over the map.  In that latter regard, this festival is earning comparisons to SXSW.

Keeping Saint Louis weird won’t be a problem (in every sense of that phrase).  We’re interested in the panels to be hosted, which as of yet haven’t been acknowledged online.  In the meantime, Playback seems to know how to tie an event together online: check out their FlickR photostream and embedded music player, serving as constant agitators to get us excited for the festival.   Will there be a panel of Saint Louis bloggers?  We’ll find out for ourselves this September.

(PS – would a little extra online integration hurt?  I wrote a little meme on the subject last week, and I don’t promote events professionally.  Just a suggestion.)


1 Comment

  1. […] I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do at Play:STL festival this weekend, which I wrote a little about before.  I’ve been invited to this kickoff party tonight (tell me if you want to come along) […]

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