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  • What new can be said about this neighborhood bakery in Forest Park Southeast (aka the Grove)? We have a friend or two working there these days, adding extra incentive to visit this already peaceful slice of city life. It’s “the good way” to do lunch (or breakfast and dinner).

    tags: bakery restaurant thegrove coffee hwy61

  • This post highlights some of the great quirks and assets Saint Louis has to offer, reminding us of at least a few of the reason to live around here. Too bad it went light on the Provel.

    (tags: city history assets stlouis culture list)

  • We were going to write a short post of our own about the maddening ammount of thigns to do this weekend, except this article seem to cover that insanity pretty acutely. Here’s to hoping you find cool shit to do this weekend, since you’ll have so many options (a barbeque might suffice).

    (tags: stlouis 52nd events holiday)


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