Governor’s Cup (civic pride)

August 30, 2007 at 1:37 pm | Posted in blogs, contest, Matthew Hurst, Sports | 2 Comments

We’re brimming with civic pride in anticipation of this year’s Missouri Governor’s Cup game, that annual contest between our professional football powerhouse Rams and Kansas City’s “team” – the Chiefs.  So confident are we in the greatest show on turf (do they still call the Rams that?), that we’re willing to make a public wager over the I-70 series (aka The Battle of Missouri).

Of course in order to make a cross-state blog wager, we had to find the right blog in Kansas City to take on.  Meet Chimpotle. He has a taste for O’Fallon Beer, thinks lowly of Gabriel’s fighting abilities,  and will pay us in straight cash.  He took the bait, adding that “It’s on like Donkey Kong…That baby blue could use a nice blood red paint job.”

That being said, our wager is friendly – we’ll be trading paint jobs.  Should our Rams win the Governor’s Cup game tonight, he’ll have to use our team’s colors in his blog’s theme for all of this Labor Day weekend.  And vice versa. 

Of course we’ll bring it on like we’re a land assemblage tax credit and he’s governor Matt Blunt.  Either way it’s bound for local control…(stay tuned)



  1. I feel dirty

  2. […] it something I look well upon, but these circumstances negate those inhibitions. You might remember earlier last week when our blog, brimming with civic pride as it was, challenged Kansas City area blogger Chimpotle […]

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