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It’s official, NPR is brought to you by listeners like us. Listeners like us and Wisconsin-based brewers of hipster beer.

While listening to KWMU the other day, I heard Pabst Brewing listed among the sponsors. There it was, PBR in between the CPB and BMG (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.)

I’m not surprised that a beer company would sponsor great programming, I’m really just shocked that Pabst is making enough to make donations. I can see how PBR drinkers would like NPR shows, but I’ve never seen Pabst priced above $2.00. For those who haven’t been to a Strokes concert or a liberal arts college party in the last five years, Pabst is the beer of choice for the young, broke and hip. I guess all those scenesters really chug.

Considering how much I like public radio, next time I’m at a bar, I may have to take a Pabst for the team. Drink a cheap beer for Carl, Dianne, Garrison, Terry and Ira.



  1. i thought miller high life was the new pabst?

  2. If you have ever eaten at a McCormick & Schmick (classy seafood place) you might be surprised to know that they are required to carry Pabst at all locations. Nothing quite goes with mako shark like a nice can of PBR.

    Personally, I prefer Old Style for an old playa like myself.

  3. […] February 21st, which gives you plenty of time to cook your own dinner since only some pizza and hipster-handgrenades will be made available for those who don’t.  Or at least a little extra time to catch up on […]

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