Danger, High Voltage

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High Voltage Tattoo is that studio you’ve probably seen at one festival or another in their aerostream silver bullet trailer/mobile tattoo studio.  They’ve earned a reputation for unique artwork, hardcore DrumNBass fans, and stunt cycling. 

Full disclosure: this is a place I cannot vet for, but considering that they proudly place photographs of police harrasment, I’d say it’s probably up to your discression if that’s your scene.  We even heard rumors they were running a film series over the summer, so I carry the distinct suspicion that something great is going on in North Saint Louis.

This week flyers have been circulating for the Rumble in the Concrete Jungle, featuring a Stunt Show by Streetfighterz and live music by JetPack and DnB maestros The System Stat on the decks  this Friday, September 28th.  For only $5 the party will go on through 6pm and onward into the night, right around the corner of N. Broadway and Warren.


links for 2007-09-28

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  • MIA since last May, Jet Lag chronicled the archiving on Jet Lag Mag which was one of Saint Louis’ first experiments in DIY zines and self-publishing. We sure hope they’d pick up the self-publishing where they left off.
  • It’s Ramadan, but if you’re not interested in fasting, perhaps now is a fine day to feast yourself on understanding and education. In this program you can do both, and we’d be foolish not to pass along this great show.
  • In preparartion of this weekend’s blood drive, the Zombie Sqaud just relased this video/commercial reminding us to stay vigilant in our quest against these souless killing machines. Hey, it’s not like that don’t care, they’re going to keep your eyes.

Flaming Sabbatical

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We’re getting pretty excited about tomorrow night’s performance of the Flaming Lips at the Pageant.  Considering their reputation for quasi-evangelistic, almost religious experience induced by their performances, we’re not surprised others are getting excited too.  So in anticipation of their sermon we thought it’d be nice to share this performance in 2003 covering the Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs” in duet with Cat Power.

Although the performance is already sold out, we won’t be surprised when scalpers show up outside the Tivoli, where we suspect ticket prices will rise exponentially approaching the start of the show.  We were surprised that changes to Missouri state law effecting scalping earlier this last month actually don’t effect entertainment scalping, which will remain legal and (for those of us who couldn’t get tickets) probably desirable.  Oh lord yes!


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From last Thursday’s performance during the Play:stl kickoff party, the drummer of The October plays his sparkling drum set under the stage lights in the Duck Room of Blueberry Hill. This invite only event saw several acts play through the venue, and we even got a little gift bag (more on that in a bit).

As with other festivals, its been fun to see photos trickle onto the internet from the events. A great deal of those counter perspectives are available on FlickR under the obvious tag Play:STL.

We also took some performance video, but considering the dearth of intelectual property issues playing out with our friends, we’re probably better off keeping it for personal use.

links for 2007-09-27

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Film Geek Weekend – Slapstick edition

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Buster Keaton fans can start celebrating this master, independant director who defined slapstick and invented film techniques still used to this day; Kompletely Keaton opens this weekend.  As part of the Webster Film Series, this special series presents films of one of the most imitated directors starting this weekend.  On Friday September 28th, that series will premier with Three Ages,
follwed by Our Hospitality on Saturday,
and Shelock Jr. on Sunday.  All these films start at 8pm and will screen in the Winifred Moore Auditorium.

The 10th annual Manhattan Short Film Festival takes place this Saturday, September 29th via Cinema St. Louis.  Things go underway arounf 7pm in the Centene Center for the Arts and Education (4th floor), for the mere price of $6.  Woody Allen will not be there, but you should.
On Sunday be sure to attend the three Fabulous Flicks at the Fox (theater that is), including Phantom of the Opera at 1pm, ET at 3pm, and Chcago around 6pm.  And you can dance in the streets in between.

Don’t cry just because this season of Frontyard Features is rounding out; Evita will play in Lafayette Park this Satruday, September 29th.  The truth is you’ll want to be there around 7pm to rub shoulders with your neighbors that night.

Unlike the film’s protagonist, you will not be able to relive the screening of Donnie Darko (director’s cut) since it’s playing this weekend as part of the Reel Late series at the Tivoli Theater @ midnight.

National Night Out success?

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Forest Park SE 1990

Originally uploaded by Skewgee

According to an article titled “City still No.1 in Crime, but tunrabout is on” in the Post Dispatch today, St. Louis police figures indicate the lowest crime figures for the month of August since 1990. And although that somehow still puts us among the most crime addled cities in the nation, isn’t it comforting to know that the National Night Out probably works?

The National Night Out, marked here in a comemorative sign in the Grove near La Dolce Via, is a annual celebration that usually takes place in the first week of August. It’s probably more of a correlary to mention, but should serve some example of what reclaiming your block can do for your community, much less crime statistics.

Master Cheif kills dumbledore

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Those who already in the know were just treated to one of the most anticipated and undereported media events of the year: the release of Halo 3.  For those of you unfamiliar, that line you saw outside Game Stop, Game Crazy, and countless other gaming and electronic retailers last nightwere waiting until midnight for the release of this first person shooter for the Xbox360.  It’s also the same reason that so many of your co-workers and classmates who were sipping on game fuel yesterday are now missing from work today.

When Halo 2 was released on November 9th in 2004, its release overshadowed the previous week’s general election in media coverage, in part because it sold 2.4 million copies and made nearly $125 million in its first day.  Similar sale figures are expected today, including a big uptick in sales of Xbox360 as gamers revel in this multimedia empire that now includes merchandizing, feature films by Peter Jackson, and devoted players.  You only need ask your friends to find a Halo fanatic among your midst.  And that’s why you saw lines outside last night.

In Saint Louis we expect a shortage in the workforce to be the result of Master Cheif devotees.  You might find a few among the self-reporters recruited by G4, the cable television network with live coverage of the release night evening.  If you’re interested in hearing from the fans themselves, check out their complete coverage of this gaming phenomena, designed to include fan interaction from the trenches via the internet.  Oh, and no spoilers from me.

links for 2007-09-24

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Links with Your Coffee Sunday

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Instead of tailgating this Sunday, you’ve decided to stay in and enjoy the internets.  And that’s a fine decision for the sober minded, as we are not exactly sports fans either.  So we shall provide you, our comrades, wth some enjoyable link activity to accompany your coffee cup this pleasant ‘morrow.

122 days – 204 post = I get the rest of Sunday off.  See you later this week with my required 1.69 posts per day.

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