Arch Rivals

September 6, 2007 at 1:16 pm | Posted in Matthew Hurst | 6 Comments

We’re not sure how we haven’t mentioned the Arch Rival Roller Girls games yet, but our records confirm this serious lapse.  After all, we’ve made documentary photographs of roller rinks a pet cause of ours.  Although several media outlets have already brought attention to this roller derby league and its teams, we will not make that same mistake again.

Let’s start on the right foot (skate?) with the Sock Hop weekend; it’s the Stunt Devils versus the Smashinistas this Satuday, September 8th @ 6:30pm.  With only a 2 games left before the Championship game of this second season, the stakes will be high in this game. 

That alone should help justify the price of admission, which will run you $15 at the door (unless you pay $12 in advance) or $10 for students.  And what makes a better family night than taking your kids out to an old fashioned blood bath? – At least kids<8 years old get in free.  It’ll all take place at the All American Sports Mall near I-55 in South St. Louis County, just off US Highway 61 aka S Lindberg Blvd.



  1. My boss does this for the KC Roller Warriors. Once is more than enough until they start charging less than $6 for the PBR.

  2. Not just women. . .”tattooed women”
    perhaps it’s a requirement
    I wonder if this is the same group that was handing out cards at CooperElla.
    wouldn’t pay $15 for that

  3. $15 is a night out. $6 PRB is out that night

  4. I don’t even pay $6 for a mixed drink at the bar @ the All American, PBR is cheaper in saint louis. and its a tall boy.

    no tattoos are not required, i would venture to guess that about 50% of the ladies are not inked.

    the $15 dollars at the door includes the afterparty. You can buy tickets on line for $10

    the championship is 11/24. the afterparty will feature The Seven Shot Screamers.

  5. I paid $12 in advance, not too bad. About the same as going to see a decent band. I think PBR was like $2. KC plays in a big venue (Hale Arena) now, probably why it’s more there. Anyway, I thought it was a blast. Been a couple times. Going again this weekend. Their all-star team plays Chicago in January, too.

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