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For those of you who do the RSS thing, might we suggest using our new, improved feed.  Better yet, add Highway 61 to your RSS reader of choice with a single click.  This new feed will look more like our site and will let you pass along good stories to your friends on Facebook, via e-mail, or with your social bookmarking tool of choice.  Of course you’ll still be able to use your existing feed from the site, but this feed will work with more RSS readers.  It’ll give you the update and we’ll keep you up to date.

If you don’t use RSS, or don’t know what it is, here are a few reasons why you might be interested.  And what better way to start off then with this blog?  It’s just real simple (syndication).


1 Comment

  1. Matt, let me just say first that I love the blog and moreover, I completely adore and respect what you’re trying to go for with getting the word out for the StL, and encouraging community through social media, blah blah blah… one thing though — I’ve been a reader for serveral months now, and sometimes Hwy. 61 strikes me as a little more social media bells, whistles and bullet-points (and I’m first to admit: I heart the bells and the whistles) and less plain ol’ blog. Let your personality shine through…it might make all the awesome RSS, social bookmarking, etc… that much more accessible, and really give Hwy. 61 some stronger blogging chops! (not that I’m a profesh at this or anything, and I don’t want to be patronizing at all, I’d just love to read more “Matt” in your posts)
    Best, Lori

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