Carwash, Left

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Carwash, Left

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Although I’m not sure which neighborhood I live in (my apartment is roughly equidistant from Tower Grove South, SouthTown, Bevo, and Dutchtown), I know my neighborhood is a quintessential slice of St. Louis. There seems to be a specialized automotive service shop within walking distance (oh cruel irony) everywhere that isn’t a residence around here. Not to mention the fact that it seems like almost all of the South Side was designed for driving straight through and seems to have a love affair with the automobile.

So it wasn’t a big surprise when this homemade sign went up one day on the intersection of Chippewa and Gustine for a new local carwash. Stuck between two other auto service shops, along Chippewa just east of Gravois, these local entrepreneurs probably don’t need a sign on this corner (although it has one still standing on the opposite intersection of this divided road), especially considering their Grand Opening banner that has been standing for nearly 6 months. Since it’s nearly impossible to wash you car in a detached garage (or just because I’m lazy), these entrepreneurs seem to have the market cornered (or just on the corner) on handwashes of cars for $10 and plus wax for $15. Call it a brushless carwash if you will, since their’s something just endearing about a watching neighborhood business sprout (signs that is).


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