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September 15, 2007 at 2:19 pm | Posted in KWMU, Matthew Hurst, Media | 1 Comment
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Just about every news source concerned with St. Louis has written about the Zombie Squad at some point (hell, I’ve already written one), but did you hear when that story went national?  And by national I mean of the public radio variety, since KWMU’s own Adam Allington had his Zombie Squad story picked up by the Weekend America program.  NPR has picked up many stories from St. Louis in the past, but this story with its emphasis on community involvement really does justice to the lives of the undead by focusing on their highly successful blood drives.  You can hear for yourself and save a copy as your own survival guide.

Instead of rolling in your grave with the undead, why not roll up a sleeve for the next Zombie Squad Blood Drive?  We know beer and brains sound much more savory on a Saturday afternoon, which is why I’m almost sure the donation is scheduled on September 29th from 11am-4pm as a means to deter vampire attacks.  Your undead corpse will be lying on a cot in no time, especially considering the increase of Red Cross units to accept donors at the St. Louis Police Association building on Hampton where the drive is taking place.

And if you’re interested in supporting the community of the recently deceased a bit more immediately, why not check out the Night of the Fashionably Dead shows at GroveFest 2.  This adult undead show (21+) will feature zombie fashion and lingerie for 3 shows tonight, and 2 shows tomorrow (Sunday September 16th) in conjunction with the Arch Rival Roller Girls exhibition games as part of this celebration of Forest Park Southeast.  You’re not really living, even if you go.


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  1. […] I spent my lunch hour at the Zombie Squad blood drive. Exhausted from the night before, I rolled in for my noon appointment with a shiver. It had been […]

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