You call this news?

September 17, 2007 at 4:23 pm | Posted in Concert, Matthew Hurst, Photo Essay, Review, Video | Comments Off on You call this news?

As a special follow-up on a review written by our own Gabe Bullard, here’s a short clip from last Saturday’s They Might Be Giants performance at the Pageant to show you just how much fun was had at said rock concert. 

Seen here performing “The Guitar,” the band had a little fun with the enthusiastic audience seen here. You might like to check out a clip of “Particle Man” with a Buddy Ebsen reference.

Instead of sharing our own photos of the show, we thought it’d be fun to pass along some properly tagged pictures we found on Flickr.  Using the machine tags from Last.FM and Upcoming is a fun way to organize the events you’ve attended and share public pictures, not to mention making a much better slideshow on FlickR than just using our photos.  And if you were there too, please feel free to pass along your photos through that channel or at least share with us here in the comments.


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