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wristband wearing hardknocksSo far I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do at Play:STL festival this weekend, which I wrote a little about before.  I’ve been invited to this kickoff party tonight (tell me if you want to come along) tonight in the Duck Room at Blueberry Hill around 8 o’clock, which takes place during my night class.  Needless to say I’ll try to make it late, because I’ll probably show up/write for anything I’m invited to (attn: promoters). :P

I’m hoping tonight’s party will help me figure out the where I should be this weekend, especially considering my unfamiliarity with most of the bands on the set list.  Then again, discovering new bands and sounds is sort of the point of having a music festival, right?  I’d ask Beatle Bob, but even he’s busy organizing his own performances these days.  Hey guys, would it kill you to cut and paste a google map?  Even we have one.

Panel discussions play a pretty big part in the festival circuit, and this is no exeception.  It still looks a little band centric, which is strange considering the diverse interests of Playback:STL. 
Needless to say, we’d like to start our own panel – “live music lovers who read blogs”.  Should you chose to join us, drop us an RSVP of a stage and band of your chosing, and we’ll try to give ourselves you someone to talk about the band with.  Because sometimes it gets kind of lonely in public places.  You know how it goes – drop a line @ hwy61revised at gmail dot com .


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  1. […] PLAY:stl begins tomorrow in the Delmar Loop with 90 bands on 9 stages for your rocksteady delight. From the hearts of PlaybackSTL to the streets, this is the first run of the festival which takes place Friday through Sunday. Today is the LAST DAY to get wristbands for $10, or you will be shelling out an additional $5 as of tomorrow. Visit the site for a list of bands, schedules, stages, and details on the industry panels and workshop. […]

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