Film Geek Weekend – Deadpan edition

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Planning the same dull weekend of yard raking?  Spice up your life this weekend with “Spice World”.  Yes, that “Spice World“.  The 1998 narrative interpretation of “A Hard Day’s Night” as told by Ginger, Sporty, Scary, Baby, and Posh Spice…will be screening this Friday-Saturday at midnight (and Sunday @10pm) Septemeber 21-23rd in Tivloi Theater
If you think the Reel Late series needs a little salt, show up early to check out “The King of Kong (a fistful of quarters)”, a documentary about getting that all-time high score.  Following two champions as they tour the country competing at that game is better than Mortal Kombat

East of Bucharest” is more than a film, it’s a revolution.  You see, 16 years ago the town had it’s residents marching down the streets, chanting “down with Ceasescu!”.  The only question is, was it actually a revolution.  This deapan comedy will be screen as part of the Webster Film Series this Friday through Sunday September 21-23rd @ 8pm in the Winifred Moore Auditorium.

Those of you who prefer watching your films outside, surrounded by your neighbors (as opposed to those of us who prefer sitting in dark, isolated, air-conditioned silence) might be interested in watching “To Kill a Mockingbird“, screening in the Whitaker Pool Pavilion of Tower Grove Park this Saturday September 22nd.  It’s actually better than you remember watching it in your 9th-grade english class, although my money’s still on the groundbreaking book (you can take time to read that next week for class).
Earth vs. The Flying Saucers” on the lawn in front of the St. Louis Science Center’s Planetarium this Saturday September 22nd, although if it should rain you’ll find shelter inside the planetarium where other film geeks will be watching the film (and dry).  Both films will start  around dusk (maybe closer to 7:30 or so these days), so show up early especially if rain were being forecast.


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