Master Cheif kills dumbledore

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Those who already in the know were just treated to one of the most anticipated and undereported media events of the year: the release of Halo 3.  For those of you unfamiliar, that line you saw outside Game Stop, Game Crazy, and countless other gaming and electronic retailers last nightwere waiting until midnight for the release of this first person shooter for the Xbox360.  It’s also the same reason that so many of your co-workers and classmates who were sipping on game fuel yesterday are now missing from work today.

When Halo 2 was released on November 9th in 2004, its release overshadowed the previous week’s general election in media coverage, in part because it sold 2.4 million copies and made nearly $125 million in its first day.  Similar sale figures are expected today, including a big uptick in sales of Xbox360 as gamers revel in this multimedia empire that now includes merchandizing, feature films by Peter Jackson, and devoted players.  You only need ask your friends to find a Halo fanatic among your midst.  And that’s why you saw lines outside last night.

In Saint Louis we expect a shortage in the workforce to be the result of Master Cheif devotees.  You might find a few among the self-reporters recruited by G4, the cable television network with live coverage of the release night evening.  If you’re interested in hearing from the fans themselves, check out their complete coverage of this gaming phenomena, designed to include fan interaction from the trenches via the internet.  Oh, and no spoilers from me.


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