Film Geek Weekend – Slapstick edition

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Buster Keaton fans can start celebrating this master, independant director who defined slapstick and invented film techniques still used to this day; Kompletely Keaton opens this weekend.  As part of the Webster Film Series, this special series presents films of one of the most imitated directors starting this weekend.  On Friday September 28th, that series will premier with Three Ages,
follwed by Our Hospitality on Saturday,
and Shelock Jr. on Sunday.  All these films start at 8pm and will screen in the Winifred Moore Auditorium.

The 10th annual Manhattan Short Film Festival takes place this Saturday, September 29th via Cinema St. Louis.  Things go underway arounf 7pm in the Centene Center for the Arts and Education (4th floor), for the mere price of $6.  Woody Allen will not be there, but you should.
On Sunday be sure to attend the three Fabulous Flicks at the Fox (theater that is), including Phantom of the Opera at 1pm, ET at 3pm, and Chcago around 6pm.  And you can dance in the streets in between.

Don’t cry just because this season of Frontyard Features is rounding out; Evita will play in Lafayette Park this Satruday, September 29th.  The truth is you’ll want to be there around 7pm to rub shoulders with your neighbors that night.

Unlike the film’s protagonist, you will not be able to relive the screening of Donnie Darko (director’s cut) since it’s playing this weekend as part of the Reel Late series at the Tivoli Theater @ midnight.


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