Danger, High Voltage

September 28, 2007 at 2:15 pm | Posted in Events, Matthew Hurst | 1 Comment
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High Voltage Tattoo is that studio you’ve probably seen at one festival or another in their aerostream silver bullet trailer/mobile tattoo studio.  They’ve earned a reputation for unique artwork, hardcore DrumNBass fans, and stunt cycling. 

Full disclosure: this is a place I cannot vet for, but considering that they proudly place photographs of police harrasment, I’d say it’s probably up to your discression if that’s your scene.  We even heard rumors they were running a film series over the summer, so I carry the distinct suspicion that something great is going on in North Saint Louis.

This week flyers have been circulating for the Rumble in the Concrete Jungle, featuring a Stunt Show by Streetfighterz and live music by JetPack and DnB maestros The System Stat on the decks  this Friday, September 28th.  For only $5 the party will go on through 6pm and onward into the night, right around the corner of N. Broadway and Warren.


1 Comment

  1. thanks for the love

    check out highvoltagestl.com for our latest events

    it’s non-stop crazy eccentrics down here

    come check us out

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