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In the loop, in the city

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If you missed yesterday’s interview on St. Louis on the Air with Joe Edwards, the man who played a large role in shaping the University City loop into what it is today, you’re being given a second chance.  Consider it required listening for everyone, not just the civic set and urban planners.  The U City Loop, which was recently listed as one of the top ten blocks in the nation (or something of that order), is supposed to be getting its streetcar back, and Edwards offers his insights into what makes the Loop work and how the city might learn from those decisions.  The conversation is wide ranging, so it required listening really.

It might also serve as a good prep for the “What is the City?” conference at UMSL this weekend.  So attention urban planners and assorted urbanist curiosos who haven’t already heard;  curious onlookers like us suspect Joe Edwards name will be brought up a lot there anyway.

It’s All For The Kids

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I’ve written before about the commercialization of indie rock, and hopefully no one thought of our not-quite rock stars as sellouts. Then again, anyone upset over Stephin Merritt lending a song for a dog food ad may be flat-out enraged over this:But for all their hocking of cell phones and cars, indie rockers give something back to the community, as illustrated by these child-friendly, puppet and CG filled television appearances:Eh, I never did like the Aquabats, can’t this show offer something better? That’s more like it.Of course, it probably all started with the band that more or less invented indie rock, from 1999: If a Jim Hensonized Kate Pierson imitator is too much for you, revel in your hipster irony with this, the most dour songwriter on a kid’s network for adults. 

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Film Geek Weekend – Road Trip edition

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box art for Highway 61 filmRecharge your batteries overnight with a little “Robot Rock” or impress your date to inspire some “Digital Love”; Daft Punk’s “Electroma” is playing in the Reel Late film series at the Tivoli Theater.  As far as we know, this is the only road trip movie about French robots that takes place in America, so catch it this weekend only for it’s St. Louis Premier Friday-Saturday October 19-20 @ midnight and Sunday October 21st @ 10pm in the Tivoli Theater.  And as this box art suggests (albiet for a whole another film), when the robots take over “where else would you bury Rock’N’Roll?”

All is Quiet on the Western Front this weekend after Meramac Community College plays “Gallipoli” as part of the One Book/One College series.  It will play on Thursday morning October 18th @ 11am in the Kirkwood Public Library.

Open your weekend with a song and dance routine in “Laaga Chunari Mein Daag“, which will play Friday October 19th @ 9pm in the St. Charles 18 Cine thanks to our Bollywood connection through Seema Productions.

Sure none of them may have their own thrift-store Jackson Pollock painting, but the truck drivers in “Big Rig” do participate as accidental artists this documentary as part of the Webster Film Series .  You could call it the ultimate road trip movie this Friday-Sunday October 19-21 @ 8 PM in the Winifred Moore Auditorium.

East Saint Louis

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