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bowl of veggie chiliSure it’s been unseasonably warm lately (which taunts those of us who have to spend time inside, in front of a computer), but that didn’t stop residents from around the Saint Louis area from cooking up a batch of chili to show-off at the annual Chili Cook-Off last weekend.  Of course some of us were working on a little matter called midterms this weekend and couldn’t make it out. 

To say nothing of those like me, who love chili but remain vegetarians in a world full of meaty competition chilis.  So although I grew up appreciating the complex taste of ground beef or steak tips stewing in the chili, it certainly couldn’t compel me to try other’ chili and probably shouldn’t offer my own.  But for the adventurous (or just those who eat out of season), I hope it’s not too late to offer my own vegetarian chili recipe:

You’ll need the following ingredients:  A can of mild chili beans, a can of diced or stewed tomatoes (drained), 1/2 yellow onion (diced), 1/4 green pepper, Fantastic World Foods Vegetarian Chili mix, and a spring or two of cilantro as desired.

Instructions:  Follow the instructions on the chili box (since it will help give the texture of a meaty stewed chili), and add the freshly chopped ingredients alongside the beans and tomatoes as directed.  For an extra kick to this stew-like chili, consider adding minced garlic as desired and your favorite hot sauce to desired hotness.  Consider stewing the mix on low an additional 15 minutes beyond what’s recommended for an ideal mix of flavors.  It’ll get you through midterms and will serve at least 5-6.


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