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October 10, 2007 at 12:14 am | Posted in Apopaganda, Concert, Events, Matthew Hurst | 4 Comments

So you’ve heard about the Show-me Blowout and…wait, you haven’t?  Alright we’ve put off mentioning one of the most important music festivals of the year, featuring some of the best rock’n’roll in the region.  I kind of thought you’d have heard about it by now.

But that doesn’t mean we’re not excited by it; Gabe and I will be there both nights helping Bill Streeter to document the best garage, punk, and surf rock on video that this state has perfected from its rockabilly and blues roots.  So as this side of the river is known to suggest, we’ll just have to show you.  The shows will take place this Friday and Saturday night October 12-13th around 8pm and onward at Off Broadway.

One part of the blowout you might not be as familiar with is the FREE barbeque at Apop Records on Saturday afternoon between 1-5pm.  That rock’n’roll tailgate of sorts will feature performances from some of St. Louis’ heroes of rock, including The Vultures, The 65s, The Vickroids, and The Mad Titans; it’s also The Place You Want To Be.  We’ll see you there too.



  1. I’ll be there. Introduce yourselves!

  2. ooo! we can use twitter notifications! i’ll turn mine on

  3. Didn’t see you, but had a chance to meet Gabe on Friday night.

  4. I didn’t see a LOT of people that I thought I would see. Go figure. Had a blast, though. Hope everyone else did, too. We still have lots of T-shirts (hint, hint)… Go to the TIRC blog to order one (please!). Thank you.

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