Film Geek – “Last” Week edition

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Whereas I could not give you a Film Geek post last week, this weekend is actually the Last Weekend for some of the film series we’ve been following.  From near the onet of this blog we’ve been following these series, which will close for the season.  Good thing SLIFF is coming up (more on that later).

This is also the last weekend for the Kompletely Keaton series in the Webster Film Series, which follows the films of master film director/actor Bust Keaton.  Ironically for this master of silent story telling, this last weekend will go out with a bang, crash, and other associated sounds provided by a live folley artist.  To say nothing of the live, authentically scored musical accompaniment, Kompleting an accurate re-Kreation of the original screenings of these Keaton films.

STL Community Arts & Media Project will run a few films of their own, including “Paris is Burning” next weekend.  It opened it’s new film series last Thursday, but intends to take place at the CAMP building on Cherokee every other Thursday around 7:30 for the indefinite future.

Frontyard Features has ended in Septmeber.  Cinemania @ Grand Center has also finished its run.


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