In the loop, in the city

October 25, 2007 at 12:37 pm | Posted in KWMU, Matthew Hurst | Comments Off on In the loop, in the city
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If you missed yesterday’s interview on St. Louis on the Air with Joe Edwards, the man who played a large role in shaping the University City loop into what it is today, you’re being given a second chance.  Consider it required listening for everyone, not just the civic set and urban planners.  The U City Loop, which was recently listed as one of the top ten blocks in the nation (or something of that order), is supposed to be getting its streetcar back, and Edwards offers his insights into what makes the Loop work and how the city might learn from those decisions.  The conversation is wide ranging, so it required listening really.

It might also serve as a good prep for the “What is the City?” conference at UMSL this weekend.  So attention urban planners and assorted urbanist curiosos who haven’t already heard;  curious onlookers like us suspect Joe Edwards name will be brought up a lot there anyway.


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