It’s All For The Kids

October 25, 2007 at 10:32 am | Posted in Gabe Bullard, music, Video | 2 Comments

I’ve written before about the commercialization of indie rock, and hopefully no one thought of our not-quite rock stars as sellouts. Then again, anyone upset over Stephin Merritt lending a song for a dog food ad may be flat-out enraged over this:But for all their hocking of cell phones and cars, indie rockers give something back to the community, as illustrated by these child-friendly, puppet and CG filled television appearances:Eh, I never did like the Aquabats, can’t this show offer something better? That’s more like it.Of course, it probably all started with the band that more or less invented indie rock, from 1999: If a Jim Hensonized Kate Pierson imitator is too much for you, revel in your hipster irony with this, the most dour songwriter on a kid’s network for adults. 



  1. let’s not forget that appparently of montreal is now best friends with outback steakhouse:


    let’s also pretend it doesn’t exist

    also, there’s nothing wrong with the aquabats

  2. […] The audience seemed unnaturally enthusiatic in comparison to a more typically subdued crowd for what could be commonly charecterized as an indie pop gathering, frequently jumping for joy and even cheering jubilantly for the sound check guy. The audience seemed dense around the bar and pit, although not quite a sell out.  As for any sell outs besides at the box office, let’s pretend they don’t exist. […]

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