Dante’s Inferno

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If you’re asking yourself, to paraphrase the famous poem “I’m not even sure (where) I’m supposed to be here today?”, maybe this is your early morning call after you’ve rolled out of your bedroom closet.  The first annual Clerksfest will take place tonight, November 29th at The Moolah Theater & Lounge in Midtown St. Louis.

Along with double-feature screenings of Clerks at 9:30 and Clerks II around 11:30, guests will get their hand on door prizes like free commemorative shirt and autographed memorabilia.  You can strut your stuff in public for the Randal Walk contest, and Walt “Lon Chaney of the ’90s” Flanagan might be the model of at least 4 choices for the Look Alike contest.

What’s the matter – you don’t appreciate our ruse?  Clerks is indeed loosely based on the “Divine Comedy”, with short breaks representing the 9 levels of hell.  At least you’ll be doing good even if you feel like a dirty jizz mopper afterwards – If this event catches on, it might snowball (heh) into a series of screenings to help subsidize the purchase of land for a hostel in town.  And if you’re put off by the charitable ticket price, $25 online or $30 at the door, we suggest you leave change when applicable;  “Be Honest” you weren’t making plans (except for that hockey scrimmage) today anyway.


the kick

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Students play a scrimmage game of soccer on the Quad (in front of the University Center) of Webster University, seen here last Tuesday November 20th. Although it’s not totally uncommon to see students playing on campus at a school, I must admit being a little compelled by the gameplay. Webster also has soccer teams, but perhaps thats the appeal of what appeared to be an spontaneous contest on the quad. And although Webster has no football team, a little game would break out sometime shortly following the close of this game.

Review – Matt Blunt: Document Destroyer

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MBDDBy now you’ve probably heard about a flash game from the Missouri Democratic Party named “Matt Blunt: Document Destroyer” which serves equal parts parody and political communication.  You might have even played it or even passed along the link yourself.  So instead of providing a response to it’s political context (since there are enough blogs to cover that), we thought it might be appropriate to review the game as just that – a game review.  So I dug out my old issues of GamePro magazine, did a little extended play, and tried to give this game the objective analysis this exciting new kind of political communication strategy warrants.

Graphics – At first glance this game could be described as being realistic enough, using great photo scans of Governor Blunt over a fixed-perspective background, with an impressive use of scaling effects to give a depth to an otherwise boring background.  Boring might be the word to describe the cubicles that the governor pops up from, and although it might have been distracting it would have been nice to see some better detailed background.  And although it does limit load time and ensure greater compatibility, it would have been nice to throw in a few more frames of animation into what largely amounts to little more than Gubernatorial whack-a-mole.  Why introduce reaction shots that give the illusion of animation at all? 
Score: 3.5

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Gamer Hero 3 – Tournament Edition

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This Friday November 30th, Webster University will be the host of the RHA Video Game Tournament from 8pm to Midnight. In the Marletto’s Marketplace, which is next to Webster Hall, student gamers from Webster University will compete to win prizes and place rank is games such as Guitar Hero 3, Halo 3, and Super Smash Brothers Melee. At this time it is not clear whether members of the general public can compete, but spectators are welcome as guests of students (who will include the contributor of this blog entry).
With a grand prize of a 19-inch LCD HDTV for the Guitar Hero 3 competition, the atmosphere is sure to be exciting, and even those who don’t win will elligible for door prizes. But in addition to prizes the RHA needs equipment donations (or at least equipment to borrow) so that they can pull this tournament off; if you can, please donate equipment. For more information check their Facebook event page or through Zach Haugen and WebUGraph.

links for 2007-11-21

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Selling out (part 2) – Fishbone plays the City Museum

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Next on our concert calendar – Fishbone will have a special performance at the City Museum this Wednesday, November 21st at 8pm.  With limited seating the tickets might already be sold out, but we’ll try to stick out the $15 tickets to see these notable forerunners of Ska.  See you there!

You can keep up with the latest concerts, plays, events, and eronious ongoings in Saint Louis with the Highway 61 Upcoming events page, where you can keep track of your own events by adding them to your own calendar or just via RSS.  (There’s even things to do on Thanksgiving)

Let’s Have Bizarre Celebrations

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Of Montreal playing in The PageanNormally when I review a concert I try to include a few photos, or even a short video clip I managed to snag (without having my camera confiscated), but for a show last Monday night I found myself too engrossed dancing along to a band playing for visual documentation.  I was trapped in the aural bliss of celebrated pop act Of Montreal at The Pageant, a show I had meant to write about but was merely left included among our Upcoming events page.  So far, I’m sad to say, visual accompanyment hasn’t shown up there, although it’s easily at the behest of my fellow Flickrites and citizen journalists to fill this void.  Aural accompaniment was the real draw, the one luring us out on a school night of the 1st degree to bask in the radient bliss of “The Sunlandic Twins”, and more recently the irrational exuberence of “Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?”

The audience seemed unnaturally enthusiatic in comparison to a more typically subdued crowd for what could be commonly charecterized as an indie pop gathering, frequently jumping for joy and even cheering jubilantly for the sound check guy. The audience seemed dense around the bar and pit, although not quite a sell out.  As for any sell outs besides at the box office, let’s pretend they don’t exist.

Links with Your Coffee Sunday

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Sunday remains a day of the week that peple take to civic matters, and civic content becomes prevelant of Sunday morning talk shows, expanded commentary and analysis in our newspapers, and for some in their places of worship.  No matter how use your civicly minded time, we thought we’d pass along this useful map our friends at the Wash U Peace Coalition (who you might remember from a student protest demonstration we mentioned previously). 

It might be of limited use based on your political affiliation, but whether you support the organizations visually organized here at least you’ll know where they are.   This easily bookmarkable collection of varied activism organziations and elected representative’s offices is an impressive use of Google maps for all your Sunday morning civics over a cup of coffee.

links for 2007-11-14

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(Insert Knitting Pun Here)

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What to choose

I (and many others) have documented the rise in Urban Knitting before. Since my last post, local knitters have gained strength and now they’re giving the community more than warm garments.

Located in the underrated and quickly developing East Delmar Loop, Knitty Couture is an upscale retailer of yarn, needles, books and camaraderie. (The last one is free.) But Thi Miller, the store’s founder, is devoted to more than just making sure urbanite knitters’ yarn baskets are brimming with quality, colorful stock. The store will host knit auctions and other programs to help raise money for neighborhood kids.

“We’re going to knit for kids without toys and warmth,” said Miller, in between manning the register and advising customers. “It’s important to give back.”

Miller also says the shop will make toys, blankets and more for local children.

None of that charity could happen without the shop itself, though. While it’s not the only knit shop in the area, Knitty Couture sets itself apart by catering to all types of knitters. On opening day earlier this month, customers of all ages and genders browsed the boutique, and no one looked out of place.

“I had two little boys in here earlier today,” said Miller. “They both had yarn and needles with them.”

Their enthusiasm wasn’t just youthful exuberance. Miller reported that about 20 people camped out for over three hours before the store opened its doors for the first time. With free pastries laid out, traffic that day remained steady.

“I even managed to sell something,” said Eileen Solomon. A part-time saleswoman and full-time Webster Professor/interview subject.

To find out more about the store, pay them a visit (they’re right across from the Pageant) or, check out their excellent website, complete with a blog.

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