Class Dismissed

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Next to the historic H Sam Priest Center on Webster University, this detached garage has turned into collapsing storage space. The glass garage door has had its glass broken in the foreground, but also note the collasped roof on the left in the background. This building is home to broken chairs/desks and even some old PCs that could be donated or at least recycled.
I pass by this buildiong nearly every day at class, and the building has been slowly deteriorating in this condition for at least the last 3 years that i’ve noticed. The H Sam Priest Center is a beautiful sprawling mansion with stuccos walls merging with brick bases and perimeter walls. This garage was built similarly, with the same terra cota tiled roof, so it’s a shame it’s fallen into disuse (unless you count the stray cats that run in and out of the shelter). Even on a well managed campus, grand older building can fall into disrepair.


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