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Sure everyone is still talking about Girl Talk’s show last weekend, and some video has even been posted on YouTube, but Washington University wasn’t the only internet addled headline maker last weekend.  Another video fell under the shadow of those headlines, from another university around Saint Louis – my alma matter Webster.  You can see for yourself in the video above, a promotional clip celebrating the glorious return of GTV (G as in Gorlok, the Napoleon Dynamite-esqe lion/griffin/other mascot of the university).

Now last time I checked, GTV was still broadcast primarily as a CCTV (or Closed Circuit Television network) to those who live on Webster’s campus, with occasional stints over public access cable in local markets (ie Webster Groves).  But I’m willing to bet this teaser clip is only the beginning of these Broadcast students’ work going Broadband.  After all this blog was started by two Webster students interested in using a new medium, and we see the evidence of broadcast spilling onto the internet every day.  And by every day I mean every day of the television writers strike.  Either way, we’re pretty sure some pirated (ie student produced) content is going to slip onto the web, so I’m looking forward to sharing clips with you pretty soon

PS – Would it kill someone to update this website?  It’s just a little outdated, and we like to give credit where it’s due when we link it.



  1. Glad you enjoyed the promo video. As always, we still have our work cut out for us at GTV but we’re in the process of rebuilding and are hoping to bounce back stronger than ever and, yet, hopefully broadcasting in new mediums. Stay tuned to what we’re up to at

    -Whitney Gelnett
    General Manager

  2. you know I recently looked up this old post and was going to try contacting the station about making your work more available publicly. glad to see the website got updated this last week! let me know how and if I can help with the transition, as we’re in a bit of video based transition ourselves

  3. ps – whitney, please let us know when we can link back to some of your material in the future. we’d love to expose your great work to the larger community, or at least webster students like us who live off-campus

  4. As far as more GTV content online goes, we’ll be adding more next fall. This music video picked up a Webbie recently and it airs on GTV currently. I’ll stay in touch.

  5. Just so you know, GTV at Webster is uploading new content weekly to YouTube under the username GTVChannel10 Check it out!

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