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Sure everyone is still talking about Girl Talk’s show last weekend, and some video has even been posted on YouTube, but Washington University wasn’t the only internet addled headline maker last weekend.  Another video fell under the shadow of those headlines, from another university around Saint Louis – my alma matter Webster.  You can see for yourself in the video above, a promotional clip celebrating the glorious return of GTV (G as in Gorlok, the Napoleon Dynamite-esqe lion/griffin/other mascot of the university).

Now last time I checked, GTV was still broadcast primarily as a CCTV (or Closed Circuit Television network) to those who live on Webster’s campus, with occasional stints over public access cable in local markets (ie Webster Groves).  But I’m willing to bet this teaser clip is only the beginning of these Broadcast students’ work going Broadband.  After all this blog was started by two Webster students interested in using a new medium, and we see the evidence of broadcast spilling onto the internet every day.  And by every day I mean every day of the television writers strike.  Either way, we’re pretty sure some pirated (ie student produced) content is going to slip onto the web, so I’m looking forward to sharing clips with you pretty soon

PS – Would it kill someone to update this website?  It’s just a little outdated, and we like to give credit where it’s due when we link it.


links for 2007-11-13

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Film Geek – Saint Louis Int’l Film Festival

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Saint Louis International Film Festival

November 8-18 2007

‘Nuff Said.

(Check your local listings)

See you here, there, everywhere.

Kim Jong Ill vs. Mickey Mouse

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So it’s really nothing like that, but the Wash U’s Kemper Art Museum (Skinker and Forsyth) is hosting a showcase of Korean comics. From their description:

Korean Comics: A Society through Small Frames features works by twenty-one of North and South Korea’s most talented cartoonists, drawn from the 1950s to the 1990s. On display in the Museum’s Teaching Gallery, this collection of comics provides a decade-by-decade glimpse at the evolving social realities in contemporary Korea, ranging from popular children’s entertainment to aggressive forms of political commentary.   

  The exhibit is open until December 17th, so take your time. If you want company, I’m planning on going fairly soon. 

Class Dismissed

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Originally uploaded by Skewgee

Next to the historic H Sam Priest Center on Webster University, this detached garage has turned into collapsing storage space. The glass garage door has had its glass broken in the foreground, but also note the collasped roof on the left in the background. This building is home to broken chairs/desks and even some old PCs that could be donated or at least recycled.
I pass by this buildiong nearly every day at class, and the building has been slowly deteriorating in this condition for at least the last 3 years that i’ve noticed. The H Sam Priest Center is a beautiful sprawling mansion with stuccos walls merging with brick bases and perimeter walls. This garage was built similarly, with the same terra cota tiled roof, so it’s a shame it’s fallen into disuse (unless you count the stray cats that run in and out of the shelter). Even on a well managed campus, grand older building can fall into disrepair.

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