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best friends

Seen here watching a performance at John D. McGurk’s in Soulard, Robert Adams and Barret Ottenberg are celebrating Rob’s 21st birthday over drinks and live music. When asked why he chose to celebrate his Decomber 7th birthday in the back of the Soulard establishment, Rob said he was in it for the cider. Upon further interogationn, Rob had no idea (or interest) in the performance of The Irish Brigade, seen performing here in the background.

McGurk’s is also a favorite fixture of mine in town, albiet one I infrequently visit. When my friend Robert, who I had written about in an article about underage drinking during Mardi Gras, brought up going to McGurk’s for that cider, my eyes must’ve lit up the whole room. With their multiple rooms, literally connected by knocking down the walls between at least 6 previously adjacent homes, McGurk’s is a unique part of the neighborhood in Soulard. You’d think an Irish Pub wouldn’t fit in this district, but by offering it’s own flavor, and by serving some of the finest cuts faire in the pub scene, McGurk’s really becomes a fixture of the area. To say nothing of the music performances.


Kiener plaza, December

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Kiener plaza, December

So while you’re probably sick of holiday music (which is why we didn’t bother reposting the “Xmas in July” mixtape), we still have a little backlog of material to carry us into the new year photographically. So now that you’re done sorting through holiday gifts and candle holders, we thought we’d share our favorite views of the city this time of year. You know besides that window display on Macy’s, there are other view of St. Louis around the holidays that remind you that this is an actual city.

Kiener Plaza usually feels detached from the rest of the city when it isn’t being used as a rallying point, and soon enough there should be another debate about the space when Gateway Mall plans pop up again. But on one foggy night in early December, you could almost use this open space to realize downtown in it’s holiday glory, when the joining of lighted trees begins to blur with landmarks and the lights of buildings, creating a skyline of festive light speckles. In other words, this photo memorialzes downtown’s livelihood and embrace of the holiday spirit this year.

STL Mall Santas in Retro-Spective

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Between frantically shopping for friends and family, selling hams to angry mobs of holidaytime carnivores, and extended cases of the sniffles, I’ve decided to include some time for a quick blurb that I always look forward to checking out during the holidays: those fat, red and white threaded squatters who take residence for weeks on end at our local malls and don’t get kicked out by the cops.

Yes, I’m talking about MALL SANTAS. So here’s a little glimpse of what we saw this year (photos added for your own analysis, with more available on FlickR):

West County Mall
A true bibliophile, WestCo’s Santa had a library themed setup, though I doubt his surroundings did much to spur academic minds to desire a little Thoreau or Joyce in an age where Guitar Hero III reigns. Anyways, there was Santa as an intellectual (wire-rimmed glasses to boot), with few takers on that shopping night.

Chesterfield Mall
This setup was becoming more of a second venue for Glamour Shots than a midwest-north pole. Santa was stashed below an escalator to take his requests, and surrounded by more fiberoptics and photo price tags than anything else. Kinda reminded me of a happy sparkly cave that you explore, only to find yourself eaten up by an angry polar bear.

St. Louis Galleria
Sitting on a giant chair bordered by two phallic, gold towers straight out of Little-Mermaid video covers sat our guy in the atrium. Besides the Gallleria’s giant tree, a few surrounding presents, and the obligatory gate and queue setup, there wasn’t much to the scene – in my opinion, how it should be. As for old beardy, this was the most impressive Santa by far – when we walked by, he was balancing an entire army of kids on his lap – two on each leg. Plus, I was eyeing up the big batch of candy canes next to him, supposedly ready to combat the masses of screaming, crying, lap-wetting kiddies that I’m sure were encountered this season.

Good News, Bad News, No News

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xmas tree (peppers)

Originally uploaded by Skewgee

Happy Holidays! Sorry for the notable absence of updates. Let’s play an old favorite game: Good News, Bad News, or No News.

Good News:
Our old freinds (aka the young ones) in Tomko Bomb Co. will be plyaing two nights of back to back local goodness this weekend on Off Broadway. Friday night – The Bureau, The Hibernauts, Witch’s Hat (of Columbia, MO actually), and of course The Makeshift Gentlemen. Saturday night – So Many Dynamos, Gentleman Auction House, Light Pollution (of Dekalb, IL actually), and also Laite. With a show by Videology. 52nd city has a few more details for those interested. See you there.

Bad News:
Remember that rumor about Streetside Records closing this year? Scrooge is locking the doors after December 24th. Turns out this loop mainstay is in limbo as much as Crestwood Mall (a ghost town these days). Share your memories of the Loop’s original record store on Playback STL (yes, they’re compiling memories).

No News: It’s the last weekend to see “The Santaland Diaries”, the David Sedaris Xmas classic, as brought to life by the Stray Dog theater. Beware the hidden 2pm matine showing this Saturday, December 22nd. The Vital Voice has a preview for those who are interested.

Links with Your Coffee Sunday

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Fish bowl

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From the opening of Fishbone’s Performance at the City Museum on November 21st, lead singer Angelo Moore is seen here beginingg the set with some spoken word poetry. For this packed house, hungry for the 2+ hour performance to begin to begin, this would be the most this man was seen dressed.

It would seem that I have misplaced one of my flash memory cards full of that night’s ongoings, including a couple videos. But thanks to our old friends in the blogosphere, you’ll feel like you had personally been there all night (especially if you actually were). I’ve already detailed where you can find many of the night’s snapshots with FlickR, and now you watch not just a single performance, but two songs on And since they sort of had exclusive permission to videotape that night, I would probably check out what they put together.

RockNRoll Craft Show – The Mixtape

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mainheader.gifmainheader.gifmainheader.gifIf you haven’t already made your plans to attend it already (no thanks to us), you ought to know about the 4th go around for the Rock N Roll Craft Show will take place this weekend.  For those unfamiliar with the show (including myself), about 90+ artists will contribute their unique creations and cultural produce, including several bands who will contribute their well crafted sound sounds.  It’ll all go down this Satuday December 8th from noon-9pm and again on Sunday the 9th from noon until around 6pm, taking place in the Mad Art Gallery (63118).  There will be demonstrations and classes each day, not to mention the hourly raffles from the event sponsors.

To help kick off this homegrown scene, we decided to put on our craftypants and throw together a little mixtape so you can get prepped for the sounds this weekend, or at least give you something else to listen to while making the rounds.  But we couldn’t keep the excitement to ourselves, so we teamed up with Courtney Watson to round out the sound.  As with all good mixtapes, this one comes in two distinct flavors: Side A provided right here, and Side B from Courtney.  And if you’re really excited, we’ve thrown in some Bonus Tracks to make your own mix-craft.

Side A:

 The Ottomen – Rock and Roll Christmas
Bargain Basement – Headache in My Heart
Broadcast – Black Cat
(uncredited) – Music for all kinds of fun (via Beware the Blog)
Gentleman Auction House – Blissful Things Go
Applied Communication – Awesome Fantasies (via Just Sayin’ is All)
Tiger Army – Power of Moonlite (via Fangbear)

Extra Credit/Bonus TracksBarefoot Jones – Oversleepin’, Lenny Mink – Crazy Sara, Raw Earth – Dead Man (Dylan cover), Beck – Forget Marie

Side B: Flip the tape over to

links for 2007-12-05

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Hi-fi, st lou is…

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Rock.  and Roll.  Sure, Detroit might be rock city, but St. Louis is a baseball town (and two time world champions over Detroit). This guitar seems to be the intersection between the two.  Go ahead and click to picture to get a larger view; no mistake, that’s Fredbird alright.

Seen here from a crowd perspective is the guitarist of local punks The Humanoids, who had the courtesy to open for Fishbone on Wednesday November 21st at the City Museum. It was a special night, which you can now relive with the online instant karma known as Flickr.  Tag your photos accordingly please!

links for 2007-12-04

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  • Our Multi-Sided Friends will be happy to celebrate the ancient gameplay of dice today, or just to introduce your n00b friend to the wonders of the 20-sided dice. We’re surprised the DnD meetup isn’t taking place today (, but take comfort in your pwnage and remember that you might be dundgeon master next.  Why not give it a roll today?

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  • Another Public Radio Raid on St. Louis
    And here we thought we were alone;  accoriding to our friends at 52nd city, Gabe won’t be alone in his ventures outside St. Louis; Tom Weber of KWMU will also be moving to another city divided by a river.  You could call it a “Twin” loss, except I think Louisville doesn’t have a baseball team or river :P.  Sorry Gabe.
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