Where to Listen (tonight)

December 3, 2007 at 7:10 pm | Posted in Gabe Bullard, Matthew Hurst | Comments Off on Where to Listen (tonight)
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For all those of you who prefer your fake radio to be over the airwaves (as opposed to the internet tubes): Please tune in to KDHX (that’s 88.1 FM, you’ll recall) at 7:30 this evening to hear Highway 61’s own Gabe Bullard.  He’ll be a guest Topic A, the new venture of former The Wire hosts Tomas Crone and Amanda Doyle, where he’ll be discussing the state of “America’s youth”.  Whatever that means exactly we’ll find out, although it looks like the first month of this new show has been spent discussing new media in an old (but reliable) medium;  you also have a option to listen online.

UPDATE:  Subscribe to The Wire’s podcast to listen to December 3rd’s episode and keep up with the show.  For thoe who like their civics a la carte, a streaming version is also available.  Discussions included an examination of new media, Mister Bullard’s other projects, and what to be done about all us youngins.


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