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December 4, 2007 at 4:16 pm | Posted in Concert, Matthew Hurst, Photo Essay | 1 Comment
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Rock.  and Roll.  Sure, Detroit might be rock city, but St. Louis is a baseball town (and two time world champions over Detroit). This guitar seems to be the intersection between the two.  Go ahead and click to picture to get a larger view; no mistake, that’s Fredbird alright.

Seen here from a crowd perspective is the guitarist of local punks The Humanoids, who had the courtesy to open for Fishbone on Wednesday November 21st at the City Museum. It was a special night, which you can now relive with the online instant karma known as Flickr.  Tag your photos accordingly please!


1 Comment

  1. […] feel like you had personally been there all night (especially if you actually were). I’ve already detailed where you can find many of the night’s snapshots with FlickR, and now you watch not just a […]

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