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  • Our Multi-Sided Friends will be happy to celebrate the ancient gameplay of dice today, or just to introduce your n00b friend to the wonders of the 20-sided dice. We’re surprised the DnD meetup isn’t taking place today (, but take comfort in your pwnage and remember that you might be dundgeon master next.  Why not give it a roll today?

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  • Another Public Radio Raid on St. Louis
    And here we thought we were alone;  accoriding to our friends at 52nd city, Gabe won’t be alone in his ventures outside St. Louis; Tom Weber of KWMU will also be moving to another city divided by a river.  You could call it a “Twin” loss, except I think Louisville doesn’t have a baseball team or river :P.  Sorry Gabe.
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  1. Louisville has the Ohio River. Maybe they don’t have a major league baseball, but they have LOTS of basketball and horse racing! And much more, too.

  2. JB,
    you’re a true Louisville Slugger, aren’t you? Thank you for the correction. The original joke was going to be about another city split by said river

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