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mainheader.gifmainheader.gifmainheader.gifIf you haven’t already made your plans to attend it already (no thanks to us), you ought to know about the 4th go around for the Rock N Roll Craft Show will take place this weekend.  For those unfamiliar with the show (including myself), about 90+ artists will contribute their unique creations and cultural produce, including several bands who will contribute their well crafted sound sounds.  It’ll all go down this Satuday December 8th from noon-9pm and again on Sunday the 9th from noon until around 6pm, taking place in the Mad Art Gallery (63118).  There will be demonstrations and classes each day, not to mention the hourly raffles from the event sponsors.

To help kick off this homegrown scene, we decided to put on our craftypants and throw together a little mixtape so you can get prepped for the sounds this weekend, or at least give you something else to listen to while making the rounds.  But we couldn’t keep the excitement to ourselves, so we teamed up with Courtney Watson to round out the sound.  As with all good mixtapes, this one comes in two distinct flavors: Side A provided right here, and Side B from Courtney.  And if you’re really excited, we’ve thrown in some Bonus Tracks to make your own mix-craft.

Side A:

 The Ottomen – Rock and Roll Christmas
Bargain Basement – Headache in My Heart
Broadcast – Black Cat
(uncredited) – Music for all kinds of fun (via Beware the Blog)
Gentleman Auction House – Blissful Things Go
Applied Communication – Awesome Fantasies (via Just Sayin’ is All)
Tiger Army – Power of Moonlite (via Fangbear)

Extra Credit/Bonus TracksBarefoot Jones – Oversleepin’, Lenny Mink – Crazy Sara, Raw Earth – Dead Man (Dylan cover), Beck – Forget Marie

Side B: Flip the tape over to



  1. […] Highway 61 for Side A of the RockNRoll Craft Show Mix Tape, then flip over to for the B […]

  2. […] I’ve teamed up with those fabulous folks over at Highway 61 to get St.Louis pumped-up for Rock-N-Roll Craft Show 4, this weekend at Mad Art gallery. We’re bringing you the rock-n-roll side of the crafty-goodness with a mix tape of artists playing this weekend, along with a few bonus tracks (mine are of a purely local flavor). For the A-Side of the mix tape, head on over to Highway 61! […]

  3. […]  Needless to say, I’d like to check it out after my disappointing lack of attendance at the Rock N’ Roll Craft Show a couple months ago…In case you’re too drunk from the Fête events to make it […]

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