STL Mall Santas in Retro-Spective

December 27, 2007 at 3:08 pm | Posted in Lauren Reid, Matthew Hurst | 1 Comment
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Between frantically shopping for friends and family, selling hams to angry mobs of holidaytime carnivores, and extended cases of the sniffles, I’ve decided to include some time for a quick blurb that I always look forward to checking out during the holidays: those fat, red and white threaded squatters who take residence for weeks on end at our local malls and don’t get kicked out by the cops.

Yes, I’m talking about MALL SANTAS. So here’s a little glimpse of what we saw this year (photos added for your own analysis, with more available on FlickR):

West County Mall
A true bibliophile, WestCo’s Santa had a library themed setup, though I doubt his surroundings did much to spur academic minds to desire a little Thoreau or Joyce in an age where Guitar Hero III reigns. Anyways, there was Santa as an intellectual (wire-rimmed glasses to boot), with few takers on that shopping night.

Chesterfield Mall
This setup was becoming more of a second venue for Glamour Shots than a midwest-north pole. Santa was stashed below an escalator to take his requests, and surrounded by more fiberoptics and photo price tags than anything else. Kinda reminded me of a happy sparkly cave that you explore, only to find yourself eaten up by an angry polar bear.

St. Louis Galleria
Sitting on a giant chair bordered by two phallic, gold towers straight out of Little-Mermaid video covers sat our guy in the atrium. Besides the Gallleria’s giant tree, a few surrounding presents, and the obligatory gate and queue setup, there wasn’t much to the scene – in my opinion, how it should be. As for old beardy, this was the most impressive Santa by far – when we walked by, he was balancing an entire army of kids on his lap – two on each leg. Plus, I was eyeing up the big batch of candy canes next to him, supposedly ready to combat the masses of screaming, crying, lap-wetting kiddies that I’m sure were encountered this season.


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