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special noticeWhile we’re waiting for the release of the new film calender from the Webster Film Series, we found this notice posted around the campus of Webster University.  Upon contacting the individuals responsible for this special unscheduled screening (or at least its notice), we were unable to receive any additional information about the film(s) being screened or what makes them necessarily shrouded in secrecy.

What we do know from this document, is that this special screening will take place again at 8 PM this Thursday January 31st and Friday February 1st, as parts 2 and 3 of the undisclosed three-part series of films.  You must be over the age of 18 to Attend, and viewer discretion is advised because this is

“a show that epitomizes the unique aspects of a genre that is widely misunderstood by many people…we are not disclosing what the feature is in order for you to view it without preconceived notions.”

We suggest coming in with an open mind, although we cannot claim to know what exactly we’re getting you into right now. If you know anything about the screening, please let us know.



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I have never had a huge urge in my life for politics. Sure, I don’t discount debates or look down on its importance in our world, I’m just not one for incessantly arguing topics with firm minds. So, while Matt checks out his mock-caucus at the Royale tonight, I thought I’d offer an artistic alternative (yet still keeping with the political theme).

Enter George Caleb Bingham and his painting “The County Election.” The exhibit shows the make-up of the entire painting through preliminary sketches. The website even has a neat game to match the preliminary sketches to the elements in the final product. Art in politics, politics in art!

George Caleb Bingham: The Making of “The County Election” is located in the Cohen Gallery (313) and runs until March 9th.

A first poll, at last…

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Primary season can seem a little lonely for those of us who are political junkies, in part because outside of DC, Iowa, and New Hampshire few other folks share our passion or needless understanding of the 15% rule in a caucus.  Indeed most years our breed are glued to our respective internet and television screens awaiting election returns, basking in the solitary glow of the monitor.  But you need not spend another election night alone, since The Royale will be host to the Young Democrats caucus party in which they’ll have their own drunken mock vote.

Not that you need to know much about the caucus process or be a card carrying Democrat (did any party ever hand out cards?).  I’d imagine even some Republicans are welcome to organize their own caucus mock-up tomorrow night starting around 8pm in this Tower Grove South hang-out frequented by the liberal elite of St. Louis.  As for us political junkies, unless you carry a certain fondness for C-SPAN (who usually put camera crews in the middle of sample caucus returns), you’re going to want to check out this shindig on Wednesday, January 3rd.  Quite frankly the whole idea of a caucus isn’t all that different from an actual party, especially in the case of the Democrats system. 

Just like a party people arrive at the event and quickly organize themselves into socially aligned clusters, and should some groups seem insufficiently popular (say less than 15% of the *ahem* party), they get a chance to make the rounds at the event and try out a second choice of groups.  You can come for the party, and stick around for the perks Iowans can’t enjoy – like non-judgmental stares and booze onsite.  But mostly because it’s a party, and we’re all invited; that’s democracy if I ever heard of it.

A last minute first…

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For all those looking for a last minute Wednesday night activity, Legacy Books and Café in the Loop is hosting a (presumably free) showing of No Volverán – The Venezuelan Revolution Now! Tonight at 7pm. After the screening, a panel (including Webster University’s resident socialist political science professor Dan Hellinger) discussion will follow.

However, for those not interested in an evening of modern socialist theory, swing by meetup.com to find out what else might be happening in the city tonight.

Farewell good friend

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Looks like we’re not the only friends of Gabe Bullard, a frequent contributor to Highway 61, who have really felt his noted absence from Saint Louis.  Not only were his contributions to the media landscape of this lonely berg something different and special, but he was a fun person who made the ordinary parts of town seem extraordinary.  PubDef.net offers another glimpse of the man who made us laugh and look forward to another year.

This blog (and this contributor) are forever indebted to the work of this good man.  We’ll be keeping tabs on his work, especially on his first day of work (today).  Farewell good friend (we miss you).

Links with Your Coffee

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As part of our New Year’s Resolution, Highway 61 (revised) will try to be clever again.  Until then please enjoy the next best thing: borrowed wit.  Here’s some links to enjoy over a cup of coffee.

  • Please welcome Highway 61’s newest contributor: Chris Maue.  Of course I’ll let him introduce himself, but even before we hear from him, perhaps you’d be interested in joining our blog as well.  According to this job listing I wrote on The Circuit, free beer is involved for frequent contributors.  That must have been an editorial oversight.
  • Although another closure has been and will be on everyone else’s mind, Thomas Crone hasn’t taken his eye off the ball since Tucker was closed downtown.  Further yet, he decision to photo document this unique subterranean Hooverville is available for public consumption.  It may break your heart, which you can eat out online, but unless you’re planning a trip yourself, it’s probably as close as you’re going to get.
  • It’s only been four years since the entire area anticipated some sort of tourism deluge from the bi-centennial of those two illustrious explorers of the Louisiana Territory that every student in the state of Missouri is required to learn about.  That being said, who knew Illinois shared a similar enthusiasm, or at least monumental rivalry (pun intended).  B.E.L.T has the details on a modernist landmark called the Lewis and Clark Memorial Tower somewhere on the east side.
  • Steve Patterson must have read our minds about the iconography of the Mall Santa this past week, as he found a unique holiday post.  For some reason I’m pretty sure this television series was better based in Saint Louis than Chicago.  See for yourself.
  • The trouble with making new year’s predictions is well documented.  That being said let’s give this week a little perspective with St. Louis’ soon to be most popular blog over the next few weeks, Highway 40 insight, who are predicting it’s going to be alright.  In the meantime have a laugh at your own expense as our friends with that blog flex their geek cred this year.

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