A first poll, at last…

January 3, 2008 at 1:54 am | Posted in Matthew Hurst, Media | 4 Comments
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Primary season can seem a little lonely for those of us who are political junkies, in part because outside of DC, Iowa, and New Hampshire few other folks share our passion or needless understanding of the 15% rule in a caucus.  Indeed most years our breed are glued to our respective internet and television screens awaiting election returns, basking in the solitary glow of the monitor.  But you need not spend another election night alone, since The Royale will be host to the Young Democrats caucus party in which they’ll have their own drunken mock vote.

Not that you need to know much about the caucus process or be a card carrying Democrat (did any party ever hand out cards?).  I’d imagine even some Republicans are welcome to organize their own caucus mock-up tomorrow night starting around 8pm in this Tower Grove South hang-out frequented by the liberal elite of St. Louis.  As for us political junkies, unless you carry a certain fondness for C-SPAN (who usually put camera crews in the middle of sample caucus returns), you’re going to want to check out this shindig on Wednesday, January 3rd.  Quite frankly the whole idea of a caucus isn’t all that different from an actual party, especially in the case of the Democrats system. 

Just like a party people arrive at the event and quickly organize themselves into socially aligned clusters, and should some groups seem insufficiently popular (say less than 15% of the *ahem* party), they get a chance to make the rounds at the event and try out a second choice of groups.  You can come for the party, and stick around for the perks Iowans can’t enjoy – like non-judgmental stares and booze onsite.  But mostly because it’s a party, and we’re all invited; that’s democracy if I ever heard of it.



  1. Matt, you should share these stories.
    Chris, I look forward to your future posts in this venture.

  2. […] just not one for incessantly arguing topics with firm minds. So, while Matt checks out his mock-caucus at the Royale tonight, I thought I’d offer an artistic alternative (yet still keeping with […]

  3. Patrick, done.

    Really though, I’ll be happy to share photos and link to stories about the night. Why? because the event was huge, media saturated, and wouldn’t need much retelling

  4. […] commentary on the contest today, we’re extending an invitation to all of our readers who are poltical junkies (like me) to vote with their cocktails for a watch […]

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