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February 4, 2008 at 11:31 pm | Posted in Theater | 1 Comment
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There is a good chance that at some point you have seen those words “Go See a Play” on a blue bumper sticker while driving around town. Good advice, easier than ever to take. If you are a theatre lover in St. Louis, you have had much to rejoice about in the last few years – eight new theatre companies have come on the scene in the last three years alone! St. Louis has become a sleeper city of serious theatrical talent.

Just about a week ago the nominees for the Kevin Kline Awards were announced, and this year’s bunch of nominees might be the best so far in the last three years. If you fancy wearing a tuxedo or evening gown, you can actually go to a honest to goodness awards show – ticket info available on the website.

One such show that might be nomination worthy currently in production is Cherry Docs – playing through February 10th, presented by the New Jewish Theatre. I have actually read Cherry Docs, and the story, while compelling, is a bit contrived. Fortunately the New Jewish Theatre consistently produces excellent work. So I am hoping the talent of those involved will improve on a play with potential – potential to be really good or really bad.

Extra credit – Don’t suspend you disbelief any longer: KWMU review of this current production.


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  1. where can i buy one of these bumper stickers??

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