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February 5, 2008 at 12:25 am | Posted in Matthew Hurst, politics | 2 Comments
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As if there weren’t enough poltical blogs writing about the same contest today, Highway 61 also implores you to participate in Tuesday’s Super-Flabergasting primaries for the Presidential contest in Illinois and Missouri.  And if only because we suspect you’ve read enough commentary on the contest today, we’re extending an invitation to all of our readers who are poltical junkies (like me) to vote with their cocktails for a watch party.

Besides our endorsement of this otherwise non-partisan poltical party, you can cheer on you favorite cannidate along with other polsters, pundits, hacks, and lobbyists in public.  So if you’re not predisposed like many of our friends at the Obama watch party in the Moolah Theater, who I’m sure would gladly invite their Republican friends as well, you can always be Drinking Liberally with the Young Democrats at the Royale this Tuesday night at the Royale. But if you take our credibility as high in reguard (and who could blame you), you can always take Steve Smith’s endorsement, which went a little like this:

Citizen voters of any party and those non-citizens with political interest are welcome to watch the results. We will be running specials $2 Miller High Life (ha ha) and complimentary appetizers for voters between 7-9. Miss Emily Walker will be providing the soundtrack for the evening with Roboto Cobra to round out the evening.

And is is thusly, with free appetizers and PBR-substitutions, that Highway 61 has little choice but to endorse The Royale for Super Tuesday party for the Missouri and Illinois primary.  And if you’d rather be seen than watch, Bill Streeter has also endorsed the festivites will be broadcasting at the party live for The Uptake as the results roll in.  I like to watch (lol), and if you do too we hope you recount your options tonight.



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