The Youth Vote

February 18, 2008 at 1:41 am | Posted in Matthew Hurst, Video, Webster University | 1 Comment
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Although John Oliver had appeared on a Daily Show in advance of the writer’s strike ending, with that dispute now resolved (and our reputations in the media firmly preserved), we feel comfortable posting one of our favorite clips from the Daily Show.  We’re posting this clip, in which comedian John Oliver lampoons the CNN/YouTube debates last year, in order for us to celebrate his upcoming performance at Webster University on Monday February 18th @ 7pm. 

Of course if you didn’t read our original post detailing that show, you might want to read 52nd City’s newest contributer Rachel’s input on the event since she’s predicting that hundreds might have to be turned away on the day of the show.  Should any seats remain this evening, they will set you back about $10, or so says these scrawled notes on the sidewalk of Webster University.  And if tickets sell out, or if you’re just inspired by all the drinking in the video, you might considersaving that disposable income and celebrate “political trendspotting” with our friends from Drinking Liberally later this month.


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