Dewey Decimal Drinks

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If it seems like there is a night for everyday of the month which a group shares drinks for every subculture not big enough to open their own bar, its probably because there is.  You’ve been a liberal drinker for the causes you support and you’re particular about the environment that you drink in, but what if you would prefer to look up the right watering hole in the card catalog? 

You’ll probably find it filed under new to us (and maybe old news to you) using the Dewey Decimal Drinks system.  This monthly meeting of librarians, bibliophiles, and literati will be bringing drinks in tow with what Curious Feet St. Louis describes as:

a low key evening…formulaic romance novel mad libs for your entertainment, and there’ll be somethin’ along the lines of Barbarella or Attack of the 50 ft Woman on TV for your enjoyment. Because there is nothing more romantic than gigantic, murderous women and bookish mad libs, if you ask me.

And with a tag line like “because reading is for lovers”, you’d best be prepared to bring your stylish frames and not your daily reading glasses, or else hope that beer goggles will be distributed.

If the promise of clinking glasses of many varieties and the musk of trashy acid-free paperback novels isn’t enough, this month’s meeting will take place in The Sci-Fi Lounge who are known to only open their doors to that which will be truly awesome (and if you don’t believe me, take Bill Streeter’s word for it from almost exactly one year ago).  Those doors open at 8pm this Thursday February 21st, which gives you plenty of time to cook your own dinner since only some pizza and hipster-handgrenades will be made available for those who don’t.  Or at least a little extra time to catch up on your reading.



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