“Canceled due to Inclement Weather”

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Five words you’ve probably heard more than once today, Or the post that might otherwise be titled “SNOW DAY!”  Of course one of the hurdles in becoming a grown-up person is getting past the fact that something so beautiful can also be so deadly (just ask Lauren Reid).  When you’re a little kid cancellations seem more like setting time aside for fun, instead of the logical protection of human lives that it actually represents.  Still, if you can figure out how to get to Art Hill alive, we can’t recommend it enough.

That is provided you have a great deal of newfound time on your hands, like students from these groups:

  • Dewey Decimal Drinks is being canceled tonight “due to the scary icy weather!”.  Curious Feet kindly requests you to “Please stay home, folks!” and promises to post more information about any replacement dates on that blog.
  • Webster University already closed their doors at 12pm, effective for their the main campus, the Old Post Office, WingHaven, WestPort, Scott AFB, IL and the Community Music School of Webster University.  And they have a cool SMS alerts system :P .
  • Also closed as a result is the Webster Film Series, who were scheduled to screen “The Magic Flute” and say they will try to reschedule the screening at a later date.  They would like you to consider coming to another screening of two different films on Friday and Saturday respectively.
  • Night classes have been canceled for both Sanford Brown College schools and Southern Illinois University Edwardsville campus.
  • Chippewa Chapel @ Off Broadway has been cancled tonight.  Steve Pohlman thinks that “The weather outside is frightful…so stay home tonite!”, but also extends this invitation: “Off Broadway loves you…see you Friday for Jon Hardy.”
  • University of Missouri St. Louis campus classes have been canceled for Thursday.
  • Classes at Meramac Community College, St. Louis Community College, East Central College, have been canceled.
  • Maryville University has been closed all day.  They also have one of those fancy Text Message alert systems.  Missouri Baptist University, which is practically next door, has also decided to cancel.
  • For everyone who’s inner “mom” makes you run to the store when it snows to stock up on milk and bread, Local Harvest Grocery is making the most of it’s day old bread with a one-day sale on Friday February 22nd.  According to their website:

    Happy Snow Day, Everyone! To celebrate the day, we are inviting all of you in the neighborhood to come by and take advantage of some fresh baked treats and some great deals.

    They’ll stay open from 8am to 7pm with deals on coffee, pizza, and some fresh loaves of bread.

  • Fontbonne University has a cool website, which prominently displays their closing with a neat illustration.  But nearby…
  • Washington University bucks the trend and REMAINS OPEN on Thursday February 21st.  If anyone shows up for their classes is an entirely another question.  They must have a lot of data to go over still.

We’ll try our best to keep you updated on any relevant closings we hear about, or else please check MyFoxSTL for a more comprehensive list of schools and organizations “canceled due to inclement weather”.



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