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It was the kind of event where individuals crawl out of the woodwork from all around, only to look at each other in amazement that so many other people could share the same interests.  This last Wednesday night, the Revision3 podcast Diggnation came to tape an episode in front a a live audience at the Moulin in Saint Louis, Missouri.  That audience, which I can only estimate as around 3000+ (or according to Digg probably everyone who voted for Ron Paul), gathered to celebrate the value of shared links that have evolved into a social culture.  Watch for yourself as Saint Louis’ most devoted Digg enthusiasts (and curious folk like myself) devolve into a sort of nerdcore fraternity chanting “Diggnation, Diggnation” following their deafening cheers (nearly 1 minute long by my measure):

My favorite moment is around 1:40 into the video when fans cheer alternately for Kevin as he raises his Apple laptop and then for Alex as he raises his PC laptop.  This live taping, sponsored and most likely arranged by local favorites Anheuser-Busch (who reminded our hosts to “drink responsibly”), was frequently interrupted by attending fans as exemplified in the above video clip.  Fortunately such taping in front of a live audience will be subject to lots of editing, and although the show will last only around 30 minutes the taping lasted nearly three times that long, so I thought it might be interesting to show some of the impromptu moments that will probably become outtakes.

Here the hosts lead the crowd to cheer for later editing into the episode:  

Some fans procured some free cans of AB’s newest beverage, an energy drink, upon the invitation of the hosts.

Our hosts wrap up their show, finally sucumbing to the crowd’s demands to chug their beers in defiance of AB’s wishes to “drink responsibly” at the 21+ only event:

Not that this was a production was anything less than professional; the techs made a point to show two LCD projected screens on either side of the stage showing live footage being captured and the material that will be edited in later using the same software the show is likely edited in.  There was a palpable sense of validation carrying the spirit of the crowd, their vocal enthusiasm merely some expression that their otherwise solitary activities has met some social acceptability in the presence of others, devolving into the a throng of cheers.  So yes, it was fun.  I can Digg.


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