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February 21, 2008 at 10:47 pm | Posted in contest, Matthew Hurst, Photo Essay | 3 Comments
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As seen in a median driving along South Grand near Compton Hill in early January 2008. 

Leave your best reply to the query “Need a Website?” in the comments, and we’ll pick our favorite with a link to a website of their choice.  Check back for the winning entry in a post on Sunday, when we’ll close off contest entries.  Have Fun!



  1. Upon calling the number: “You have reached Toshiba Electronics. Thank you for responding to our ad. To purchase the domain, please mail a check for $5 to…”

    Ok, there’s the nerdiest submission.

  2. […] Writers are wanted for a caption contest, open until Sunday morning.  Get your link lovin’ then. […]

  3. […] over photographs, we’d like to take the opportunity to recognize the winner of our own photo caption contest last week – Adrian, who is the author of An Obsolete Vernacular.  You can check the post for all […]

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