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Philosophy students have a bad rap, in part because they ask all the right questions that go under the skin of all the right people which in turn rubs them the wrong way. Among all the things philosophy majors have been accused of the most searing would probably be that they are lazy people, especially as compared to a university’s business students. But it’s especially difficult to make such accusations considering the serious academic effort these students exemplify, in part because Socrates himself suggested that Philosophic souls should be interested in learning for others sake rather than their own self-interests.

Altruism aside, some undergraduate students are being given a chance to prove their merit at Webster University’s 3rd Annual Undergraduate Philosophy Conference on Friday February 29th. Some enterprising students from a myriad of schools attending will even be presenting their own philosophical work through lecture, and preferably in the Socratic method. This conference includes a Keynote Speech by Richard Shusterman PhD of visiting Florida Atlantic University. It is being funded by the Student Government Association who will host the event from 10am until 6pm in the Emerson Library. You’ll be asking yourself “why?” if you miss this chance to listen and learn.



  1. yeah, people say philosophy majors are lazy until they try and take a philosophy class. then they think philosophy majors are insane. (i was a philosophy minor for the sole reason that my university did not offer a philosophy major. boo.)

  2. I couldn’t have put it better Amy. I’m finishing my philosophy minor too (also a minor in Political Science), alongside my degree in Film Studies. That being said, I have a lot of the aforementioned insane writing in front of me.

  3. Huzzah for multiple majors! I was a double major – English and Environmental Studies, and a double minor – Philosophy and History. In other words, I got a degree in being an Unemployed Smarty-pants. All I ever did was write papers.

  4. LOL. I know the feeling

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