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On top of a monstrous list of canceled classes and events this last week, you can add this week’s episode of Diggnation.  The show, which was taped in front of a live audience last Wednesday, had originally been scheduled to be broadcast at 7pm this Friday February 22nd.  But since the ice storm left so many flight grounded, that show has been delayed in its premier.  Instead they’re offering this teaser episode filmed in Lambert Int’l Airport, or what better might be Diggnation STL proper if you prefer.  And for extra credit you can read their own harrowing account of braving the Free-Wi-Fi-less Winters of St. Louis stuck in their weather related lay over.

In other winter weather related news:



  1. “Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.” It’s a common expression. It’s a comment on the fact that everyone cares about the weather, but that people are powerless to change it. It’s supposed to be ironic. So the headline on my blog post was a play on that expression. Sorry if I wasn’t ironic enough. Cheers and thanks for reading.

  2. […] success for Diggnation and Highway 61 – and a moral victory for everyone in Saint Louis who survived cabin fever.  Now that last week’s live taping of Diggnation has been released for public consumption, […]

  3. For the record I’ve never heard that phrase before, and clearly wouldn’t think your headline was suggesting this. But since that article lumped our online magazine in with peoples’ personal blogs, I thought we’d poke a little fun back too.
    Sorry if I went a bit overboard, we got geek cred to defend on the interwebnets.

  4. […] and other comically misleading remarks written due to my poor sense of editorial judgement, such as this post last week in which I use sarcasm to mischaracterize an article written for .  We hope students […]

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