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Many of our regular readers (and even some occasional new readers looking for him of the Google) will remember Highway 61’s own contributing editor Gabriel Bullard.  Yeah, we miss him too.  Since his move to Louisville, Kentucky (as sister city to Saint Louis if I’ve ever seen one), Gabe has kept his hands busy serving his fellow Ville-ians in his capacity as a reporter for WFPL (their public radio affiliate).  Of course we couldn’t be happier for his employment, especially given our well-documented interest in local public radio.

But just because he’s become an old-media Louisville transplant, which would make it rather difficult to continue his contributions to this online publication, doesn’t mean he’s given up on new-media all together. To the contrary, Gabe has expanded his words into the world of aural storytelling in a decidedly internet friendly venture – he calls it Fake Radio on the Internet.  The stories, while reminiscent of public radio stories a la The Listening Room, are being provided as a podcast and are probably ready for actual broadcast on the airwaves. 

Until that day, when the revolution will not be televised, Gabe asked that I pass along notice to our readers in a style loosely resembling a 52nd City blog post.  With apologies to Thomas Crone, here’s how he put it:


Fake Radio (On the Internet) is seeking submissions. Fake Radio is a 
podcast of interviews and feature stories that explore the 
interesting details of ordinary people and things.

Past episodes include:

  • An interview with a man who chose to drink his coffee at a cafe 
  • A look at the illegal ice-cream truck business
  • The story of a drive-in adult movie theater
  • The sound of real-life mothers reading real-life sassy t-shirt slogans
  • An interview with a teacher who uses song parodies to annoy her 

If you know anyone or anything with a slightly bizarre story, or if 
you would like to produce your own Fake Radio piece, e-mail us at 


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