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February 24, 2008 at 10:08 pm | Posted in Coffee links, Matthew Hurst | 3 Comments
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chris using a Coffee Press (brought to you by WordPress)With the videos finally uploaded, and FlickR photostreams being populated, the internet can safely chalk up this last week as a success for Diggnation and Highway 61 – and a moral victory for everyone in Saint Louis who survived cabin fever.  Now that last week’s live taping of Diggnation has been released for public consumption, the world will once again rejoice in their ability to pass along valuable links to stories.  To celebrate the victory of hyperlinks we thought we’d pass along a few of our favorite stories from the past week (or so) for a recurring feature we call Links with Your Coffee.

And so next time you get snowed it, or just landlocked in Saint Louis, you can always warm up over some Links with Your Coffee.



  1. Thanks for the link and the nice round of all the St. Louis goodies.

  2. this is what we do. thanks for continuing to keep us up to date – we’ll always give credit where it is due

  3. […] as much as an addendum to a previous post, in which we had claimed that Highway 61 (revised) had a monopoly as a student-written blog in the Saint Louis area.  Although this is patently wrong when including […]

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