There will be Oscars, Juno

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Film is magic.  I’m not just saying this as a film student either.  Rather there is something special about this medium that attracts storytellers and magicians to try their hands at daft illusions.  The stories that can be told through this form affects us differently psychologically than any other method.  That being said, there is a big difference in storytelling that’s easy to over look; film goers sit in a dark room silently and begin to suspend their sense of disbelief as to what is happening on screen in a subjective environment.

Unlike any other medium, this magical form forces us to have a solitary experience.  So why then should millions of people celebrate this art form alone in their living rooms?  Cinema St. Louis is offering an alternative this Sunday February 24th with an Oscar party of their own.  Starting at 6pm you can join the festivities (for a cost), or at 7:30pm you can join other film fans on a budget (for FREE) downstairs for free in the Pageant.  More information is available on that event’s webpage.


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