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February 25, 2008 at 7:03 pm | Posted in Concert, Events, Matthew Hurst, Video | 2 Comments
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When you’re performing music in front of a crowd and you’re not sure which chord to play next you can’t press the reset button and start again from the beginning. But that’s exactly what local favorites The Helium Tapes and The 75s will assist in the process of during the Lo-Fi Saint Louis Reset Party. 

Considering the relative mystery surrounding last moth’s announcement of LoFi’s indefinite hiatus, which neatly coincided with their being a featured podcast on iTunes, everyone was asking what Saint Louis’ favorite son (albeit in terms of video podcasting) was going to do next.  All questions will be answered on Saturday March 8th at 8pm when Bill Streeter and friends show off their new look in the Mad Art Gallery.

Here’s how Bill Streeter put it in an e-mail he sent:

…As you may or may not know I took a little time off at the beginning of this year to revamp and rethink some of the things I’ve been doing with LO-FI. I also wanted to make some time to do some other projects, and generally just recharge my creative batteries. So I’m getting anxious to get things rolling again. And to promote the fact that I’m back with LO-FI (on March 1st) I wanted to throw a party. So you are invited to attend the RESET PARTY on March 8th (Saturday) at 8pm at the Mad Art Gallery. I’ve booked some great bands to play and there will also be some video and other entertainment. All the details can be found here. So I really hope to see you there!

Highway 61 (revised) also has some good news to celebrate, so we hope to celebrate with our friends as well at that party.  And don’t forget to RSVP with your favorite source, be it Myspace, Upcoming, or the Facebook, because there are no do-overs for reservations in spite of the party’s name.



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  2. Hey! This looked like an interesting event. :) I dig the art on

    Next time LoFi is going to have a “Press Reset” event contact me to come and play out. Press Reset.

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