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With there being an extra day this year (this Friday to be exact), we know you’ll be looking for something to do with all your new found time.  So in preparation for this upcoming Film Geek Weekend, in which the 5th annual True/False Film Festival will take place in Columbia (Missouri), we made a little True-False quiz of our own for you to take.

We’ll wait for the class to put your pens down before we grade papers.

For those who failed their quiz (or those not interested in taking it), let’s have a quick study session about this film festival.  True/False is an annual Film Festival taking place for the 5th year in Columbia, MO.  Unlike other film festivals this one is just for documentary films, attracting filmmakers from across the world.  This festival isn’t so much juried, but sometimes films show up here before making it to a larger release – past examples include films like Murderball, The Corporation, and last year’s breakout The King of Kong.

This year’s festival is going to be a little bit different since their largest venue, the Missouri Theater, is closed for renovations.  Also passes for the festival have already sold out, and ticket reservations have ended online, so there’s a pretty good chance you’ll be waiting in line to see films if you haven’t made plans already.  Even the events’ organizers consider this years’ fest a leap of faith.

In spite of these inconvenient facts, at least about 15,000 people make the trip each year.  We suspect attendance might be a bit higher for this year’ festival, which begins this Thursday February 28th and will continue through Sunday March 2nd in 2008.  Check their schedule for the details too numerous to list here.  And unless you’ve already made reservations for lodging, or have arrangements with a friend in Columbia, you’ll be losing your whole weekend in Columbia rather than gaining a day because of your own leap of faith this year.

Extra credit?  Check out the organizer’s blog, add your pictures to the group’s FlickR photo pool, or add this event (and others we cover) to your calendar.



  1. Wow, this blog on the whole seems really cool. I’m from St. Louis originally and am studying journalism and history at MU now. I’m definitely a little intrigued and will likely wander back. I stumbled upon this entry since it’s about True/False…something I’m incredibly amped about.

    I think you’re right about this year being a lot busier than ever before. True/False passes sold out like two weeks ago and that’s never happened in the past.

  2. thank you good sir. You know, one of our staff writers (Lauren Reid) is also a journalism student at MU right now. We’re pretty excited for True/False too. Hope you have fun this year!

  3. […] gallery, missouri history museum, q-fest This week more documentaries are heading our way than the True/False Film Festival was prepared to deal with.  Let’s get started right away (ie tonight) for a quick rundown of […]

  4. The game of trivia!

    I challenge you to a game of trivia! Click here to battle against me online at ConQUIZtador. Let’s see who’s the winner…

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