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It could rightly be pointed out that the etymology of STL stems not from an airport or an abbreviation, but maybe from the baseball Cardinals logo who where such an abbreviation is found on their hat.  Of course it’s that time of year again when grown people obsess over young men and it’s not called pedophilia – Spring Training in the Cardinal nation.  It seems like even your most anaerobic geek (like me) even gets a little giddy talking about world series prospects, so I can only imagine what actual fans of that sport and “our team” must be going through this time.

Every once in awhile I get a glimpse into this vast world of online sports forums, but only recently did I discover one of the most popular blogs – Future Redbirds.  I asked my usual friends who keep up with these kind of things for some (ahem) inside baseball info, and found a friend who used to work with this uber-popular site’s founder; he tells me that writer is actually within the Cardinals organization. So I shouldn’t surprised when I found this incredible story there.

It turns out the Cardinals are asking their fans to help them out by recommending prospects for their scouts this year.  Which is great news for all those baseball fans online who love talking about prospects anyway.   Hey, it beats all the bad news bears we’ve heard about those players lately.

In related news another friend of ours, albeit with more “Sporty” inclinations, decided to write about another local sports team.  Unfortunately he did not necessarily have uplifting news from the SLU Women’s basketball team.  With so much attention having been paid to SLU’s fancy new basketball arena being built down the street, it’s interesting to consider what will happen to this old sports palace.  And speaking of college basketball, it’s almost that time of year again…



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  2. Honestly, the last thing I would want my team’s front office and scouting department listening to are jagoff fans. It’s bad enough as another fan reading what they put on message boards.

  3. Dear Chimpo,
    Would you be saying the same thing if your favorite team, the Kansas City Royales, had a record over .500? j/k The Cardinals organzation clearly has good scouts who know how spot talent, but it’s finding talent that is the hard part of that business. Because you know exactly how competitive this blog can get.

  4. Actually, I don’t work for the Cardinals. As a matter of fact, I’m posting this comment on your site from my real job–which is far more boring and uninteresting then working for the Cardinals.

  5. I stand corrected good sir. Perhaps my source is misinformed (who i will be happy to name off site) or perhaps I misunderstood what he said. In either case, please consider erik’s comment a correction.

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